Welcome to my site,
I’m Jonathon Gleason AKA Jongle.
This is a hub for my presence on the internet. 



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My quick payment hub, send or request payment from several options.

Jongle IT

I do things with computers that makes *most people happy. Device Repair, Websites and other Projects

Twitch YouTube

Twitch and Youtube content featuring my game clips and streams.
I also host content from people on the PachiPatch Discord Server.

PachiPatch Z-
PachiPatch Discord

Discord Community for Nerds:
Games Nights • Hosted Game Servers • Tech •  DIY Projects • Watch Parties •  Free Topic Threads

Headset Holder, printing...
More Projects

The other Hobbies and Project I do should be behind this image…

Something something

I will probably put something else here later.

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About Me

Hi there! My name is Jonathon Gleason and I was born in Texas but raised in Tampa, Florida. I have a diverse set of interests and hobbies, and I currently work as a web designer and retail manager. In my free time, I enjoy playing games, flying my drone to capture cinematic footage, tinkering with 3D prints, boating, fishing and any combination with friends. I have a passion for technology and design, and I love combining my interests to create new projects.