Double Zeroes Visor | Mister Chief AI Set | Reavian Werewolf Shoulders

A transcendent invitation to the zero hour.

Complete all of your Weekly Challenges and the Ultimate Challenge to earn this week’s Ultimate Reward – the Double Zeroes Mark VII visor.

A new Ultimate Reward will become available every week, so be sure to keep an eye on your Challenges and take advantage of these free rewards.

Considered by some to be the zenith of human endeavor, a perfect encapsulation of human talent, and a terrible idea that snowballed out of control by others, the legendary Mister Chief has arrived.

Level up the symbiosis of man and machine with the Mister Chief AI, augmented by the picture-perfect Mystery Mister AI color, the Mister Chief gun charm, and the Social Media Chief emblem.

Humanity has never been in better (or worse) hands!

Hungry like the wolf.

Bare your fangs on the way to the Shop to pick up your matching set of Reavian Werewolf shoulders for your Mark V armor today.

Let everyone know your bite is worse than your bark.

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