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It’s that time again for another issue of Forge Features!

We’re doing things Halo 2-style for this particular outing, as there have been a considerable number of stunning remakes and reimaginings of both campaign and multiplayer spaces from the 2004 classic.

As a reminder, these maps can be found in the “Recommended” section of the Content Browser on Halo Waypoint[] and in Halo Infinite.

Maps & Modes


Credits: D3LTA V, Foge, SARIZON, NZO7, DeadlyAp, ForgeRunnerX
Bookmark: Backwash[]

The year is 2005. It’s the height of summer and the Maptacular Pack has just released for Halo 2!

Backwash was made to resemble the final area of the campaign mission 343 Guilty Spark from Halo: Combat Evolved, with additional cool details like 2401 Penitent Tangent flying around. It was famously the only map to be removed from matchmaking during the heyday of Halo 2, as the fog which compromises the player’s visibility couldn’t be loaded properly.

I used to enjoy playing “cat-and-mouse”-type custom games on Backwash where players had active camouflage and snipers. Now I can relive that thanks to this very loyal remake!


Credits: ARPOD
Bookmark: Groundwork[]

A remake of Foundation from Halo 2, but with at least six-hundred times the detail to make it feel like a genuinely lived-in courtyard.

Thankfully, you don’t need to go through any convoluted steps to unlock this one!


Credits: soft sharp
Bookmark: Apostate[]

I love interactive map elements. Even when it’s something as simple as being able to extend a bridge or open a gate, or activate a shield somewhere… being able to subtly alter the way a map plays always makes me love it more.

On Apostate, one of the central features of the top part of the map is its light bridge. Shoot the shock cores on either side of the map and you’ll disable it, sending any Spartans caught on the bridge plunging to the depths below, leaving you to reactivate the bridge from a nearby terminal.

Sometimes true brilliance is found in the simplest ideas, and that’s exactly what you get with Apostate!

Halo 2 Outskirts

Credits: NextGenAccount
Bookmark: Halo 2 Outskirts[]

It’s the dense alleys and housing districts of Outskirts from the Halo 2 campaign, but greatly expanded in detail and there are no Jackals in this courtyard.

Look, if “No Jackal Snipers!” doesn’t sell you on a reservation at Hotel Zanzibar, I don’t know what will.


Credits: Squally DaBeanz, PersianForge, INeedMoreBleach
Bookmark: Vagabond[]

While not a direct recreation of any particular space, Vagabond evokes the neon-lit cityscapes seen throughout the series. There are elements of Plaza, Streets, and other urban maps that give a grounding sense of familiarity to this city of dreams.


Credits: WAR FH, b0b is here, MythicFritz, I Crush All, AgentPaperCraft, VwS Executioner, Trignate, I am a Luxury, marka2263, tdubfed1
Bookmark: Nemesis[]

I’m a big fan of seeing how creatively folks can marry the visual simplicity of Halo: Combat Evolved’s Forerunner aesthetics with some of the design sensibilities introduced in Halo 4. In terms of appearance, that’s exactly what you get with Nemesis, which also boasts an incredible level of detail in its out-of-map environments – sentinels fly into distant cavernous openings, birds pass overhead…

Getting caught unawares because you’ve found yourself staring at every little thing on this map is definitely a danger!

Community Creations

Are you looking to add some falling rocks to your map? Check out this handy YouTube tutorial that’ll teach you to create this ambient occurrence using a recursive event that will make five rocks constantly fall.

Speaking of which, VidGamesPete has put together a handy Forge script tutorial covering the basics of how to use the “Every N Seconds Event,” helping you to better automate certain elements of your map.

Finally, DEWtheMCCOY continues to diligently cover a swatch of amazing community creations in Forge and has put together an end-of-year round-up for 2022 – check it out!

That brings this issue of Forge Features to a close. Stay tuned on Halo Waypoint, check out the content browser, hop into the Custom Games Browser, and follow @Halo on Twitter for more Forge goodness!

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